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Your Wish Is My Command

Posted by Demond Thompson on December 6, 2010

Before I get into any of the good stuff, I want you to know that I’m starting a new blog for Renaissance Fitness here at www.renaissancefitnessky.com.  Stay tuned for more! 

Now, on to our regularly scheduled program…

How To Eat During The Holidays 

I have heard all the stats about how most people gains at least five pounds during the holidays.  Here’s a staggering stat:  people eat nearly 4500 calories on Thanksgiving alone!  

However, there’s another thing to think about:

Thanksgiving is not the culprit and neither is Christmas. 

It’s the days in between the holidays:  All the Christmas parties and office parties.

Well, you are obviously looking to do something different because you’re reading this. So, here are some ideas for keeping your trim figure that you’ve worked so hard for…or ready to start working for.

  1. Eat with your non-dominant hand.  Odd, right?  Well, think about this, you have to concentrate on using your non-dominant hand (right for me), and you eat slower.  If you eat slower then, guess what?  You’ll eat less.  When you eat less, you’ll still fit into your skinny jeans.  Speaking of which…
  2. Wear your skinny jean to the Christmas parties.  Yep, weird tip number 2.  If you wear your skinny clothes to the party, you are going to be less likely to overeat because when you overeat your stomach expands.  Wearing your skinny jeans prevents that. Guys don’t wear “skinny jeans” so in this case make sure you leave the elastic band pants at home and wear something that fits…something my fiancée gets on me about.  I’m some of you guys can relate. 
  3. Eat a healthy meal before you leave for the party.  This one is a two-fold solution.  One, if you’re going out to eat, this saves you money that you could use to buy Christmas presents.  Also, this helps you save calories because you’re already full from eating at home.  Even if you do eat, it will be less.  Especially if you’re following the previously mentioned steps. 

There ya go!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.  If you’re looking to make some changes in your body, and want to get a head start, let me know that too! 

Make Today Your Day!


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Practice Being Imperfect

Posted by Demond Thompson on December 1, 2010

“Practice?  Come on, man, practice?  We’re talking about practice.”  –Allen Iverson

Despite what Mr. Iverson has to say, practice is important. 

We’ve all heard the old adage:  “Practice makes perfect.”

Of course there’s the one that even more driven people say as well:

“Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Interestingly enough both are correct.  Consider this:  we get better at whatever we practice.  For me, I practice nearly everyday putting my thoughts down into a word processor.  It’s much easier to do because I think pretty fast sometimes. 

Am I getting better at putting my thoughts down digitally?  Yep. 

What are you practicing?



How about healthy habits?

The only way you can become healthy is by practicing healthy habits.  Practice cooking healthy foods.  Practice a good exercise routine.  Practice making it a part of your daily life.

Will you make mistakes?  Of course you will.  That’s why it’s practice.  Practice enough and it’ll become perfect.  You’ll have the body you want and feel great.

If you’d like to practice learning to move and feel better, email me at renaissancefitnessky@gmail.com and see what we can do.

You will be able to help me practice becoming a better, stronger person too.

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Face Your Fears!

Posted by Demond Thompson on November 2, 2010

What are you afraid of?

Most of us are afraid of failure or rejection.  What if I told you that neither of these things existed?  Well, I guess I just did.

Here’s the proof:

Imagine yourself going for a new job.  You’ve written your resume and it looks flawless.  You bought yourself a new suit (or whatever is appropriate) and you’re pressed, clean, hair looks perfect (in my case, my head is shaved clean).  You’ve done your research about the company and possibly the person that is interviewing you.  You are confident and ready to get that job.  Then something awful happens.

They pick someone else.

Does that mean you’ve been rejected?  No.

You don’t know what actually happened for them to choose someone else for that job.  You make assumptions that you were not qualified, or overqualified, or they are idiots and have no idea what they want.  You don’t know for sure, and you’re wasting energy trying to figure it out.

We only feel rejected when we reject ourselves.  We are only failures if we quit.  In the above example, if you don’t get the job and you decide there are no more jobs out there, then you are a failure.  You quit trying to takes steps forward to get what you want.  That’s it.

We reject ourselves way more than other people do.  If you just accept that the interview process was a learning process, you’ll succeed much faster because you’re not moping and whining about the economy, the government or whatever or whoever we want to blame.

Our lives are in our control.  We only control what we do and how we react to adversity.

I see this happen all the time when it comes to people’s fitness.  They get started and they do well for a couple of days or weeks.  Then, they are tempted with their favorite food and give in.  It’s not the giving in that crushes their hopes of a “perfect figure”.

It’s their mindset.

They begin to call themselves weak.  The judge themselves harsher than any other person would.  They reject themselves.

Then they quit. 

Stop the cycle.  See what’s happening.

All you have to do when you get off track is to get back on it immediately.  When you notice you’re off track that’s a great thing.  It’s the first step to greatness.  It’s the awareness that you’re somewhere else instead of where you want to be. 

The next step is change.

Choose something different.

You are bigger and better than you can ever possibly imagine and when you continuously make even the smallest steps toward your ideal goal, weight or job, you’ll get there faster than you can ever imagine. 

Do more.  Be more.  Make today your day.

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Enjoy your life!!!

Posted by Demond Thompson on October 26, 2010

Have you ever had a day that you had a workout planned and just felt like skipping it?  Of course you have.  We all have.

I’ve mentioned biofeedback before to help guide you toward exercises that will be good for you that day.

What if nothing tests well?  Honestly, you may not be asking enough questions.  That’s a subject for another blog.  Let’s just say that nothing tests well for the sake of argument.

Good.  That means that you’re still recovering and there is always tomorrow.

Think about this:  If you take an hour spinning class three times a week, that’s three hours of exercise a week.

What do you do with the other 165 hours of your week?

Enjoy them!!

Exercise is supposed to me only a part of your life.  It’s important part to keep everything in working order.  Keep it there.

Is it more important than spending time with loved ones?  No.

Exercise is used to enhance your quality of life while you’re on this earth.

If you like to dance, then exercise should enhance your ability to dance longer, stronger, and happier.

We are supposed to enjoy our lives and keep them balanced.  Most of us are imbalanced on the stressful side of things.  Exercise helps me get through some of the more stressful times.

Focusing my mind on the good things happening in my life is an even better one.

Being grateful for all the things I have in my life.

A wonderful soon-to-be wife.

A loving family.

Great friends who love me despite myself at times.

All these things are what make life really living.  Have exercise add to it and not just be another thing to check off your “To Do” list.  Take time for yourself to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy.

Believe it or not, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

Imagine if you began to enjoy the more mundane things in life.  Everything will be enhanced….

…including your exercise time and results.

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Posted by Demond Thompson on October 21, 2010

I have to make a confession.

I have been on a mission for self improvement ever since I ruined my first marriage with my immaturity.  I had a hard time forgiving myself over the last few years and have just now allowed myself to make my mistakes. 

I’ve also realized that self improvement is a joke. 

I am perfect the way I am. 

…with all my flaws.

…with all my “mistakes.”

I am just now beginning to understand that I am who I am because I have something to learn.  People, places, and organizations are put into our paths to help us learn and I just left one that helped me learn a tremendous amount. 

It’s a place where thankfully has helped me continue to learn.

What does that have to do with you and your health?

If you’re like most Americans, you are trying to get healthier…

…and failing.

I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to fail.

It’s ok to make mistakes because you’re going to make them.

The part you have to do is learn from each mistake so you can get closer to what you want in your life.  If not, you’re going to make the same mistake over and over again until you get it.

If it’s discipline, get a coach.

Better yet join a group of like minded people going after the same goal.  If that group will hold you accountable, you will most definitely have more success than you’ve ever experienced before.  No matter how successful you’ve been in the past this is true.

If you’re ready to make that next step, drop a comment or send an email to kyhandsonhealth@hotmail.com.

We’ll get you where you want to go.

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Thankful for Strength

Posted by Demond Thompson on October 8, 2010

As I sit and write this, I have a ton of things to be grateful for.  I know that my life is (in the grand scheme of things) amazing and there are days when I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. 

I am pursuing my passion everyday.

I have a loving fiancée.

I am so abundant in family and friends that love me…sometimes despite myself.

I’m also grateful for my health.

Most importantly, I’m grateful for the Grip and Rip DVDs that I bought a few months ago.  That’s where I learned about biofeedback and how I can progress in my chosen exercises every single day and be better for it.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is taking the information your body is giving you and then using it to dictate/guide your training. This can be heart rate, range of motion, rating of perceived exertion (RPE) or exercise speed.

What are the benefits?

What about faster weight loss?  I have a client that has lost 2 sizes in her clothes in about a month.  That’s without changing her diet too terribly much.  Imagine when she gets her food intake dialed in better?

Looking to get bigger?  Well, it’ll help you there too if you want it too.  If you pick the better exercises for getting bigger, and eat correctly.  You will get bigger.

Want to get stronger?  I am a testimony to this one.  I started doing the deadlift at the gym again using biofeedback.  After 2 months, I added 60 pounds to my max deadlift.  Those numbers are staggering considering I was barely pulling 300 lbs for reps when I started. 

Want a female perspective?  I have another client that I train with kettlebells and when she started with me, she could barely swing an 18 lb kettlebell.  Now, after 2 months, she can swing a 35 lb kettlebell with relative ease.  I’ll write a full blog about her next week.

These are not amazing results.  They are typical.

Other benefits?  I move better than I have in a long time. I almost feel like I’m barely working out.  I feel better after my workout than I did when I came it.  That’s a nice feeling when I come from the old school way of working til you pass out and then do some more.  I have no desire to do that and possibly hurt myself anymore. 

Most importantly, it puts YOU back in charge of your workouts.  Your body will tell you how many sets, reps and exercises you will do that day.  No more personal trainers pushing you too far and hurting you.

Is it too good to be true?


Like the 2nd greatest villain in movies, Darth Vader, once said, “All too easy.”

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The #1 Thing Holding You Back

Posted by Demond Thompson on October 5, 2010

So what’s the #1 reason for slowed success?

Simple.  Your thoughts.

How many times have you said the following?

“I’m not good enough.”

“I can’t…”

“I’m too old (too young, too tall, etc)”

“I need to get in better shape before I go to the gym”

All those things are ridiculous.  Not only that, they are all lies.  We see them as truths because we say them to ourselves way too often.

Here’s a little secret:  I am guilty of it too.

I’ve had a couple of days of this lying to myself.  Yes, I consider those negative thoughts lies because I believe that I am capable of way more than I have accomplished so far in my life.

Graduation from Purdue University.

Graduation from massage school with straight As.

Deadlifting double my bodyweight.

Succeeding as a professional wrestler.

I have accomplished many things in my lifetime thus far and I’m capable of more.

Way more.

You are more capable than you think as well.

You are good enough.

You can.

You’re old enough (tall enough, etc.)

You are where you are right now, so you can go where you’re supposed to be.  If you changed any thought or decision, you’d be a completely different person.

Pay more attention to you thoughts and remember who you are, and you’ll begin to see life in a more grand way.

You’ll also see how important you are.

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The #2 Reason You Don’t Have The Body You Want

Posted by Demond Thompson on September 30, 2010

You are working too hard!

What I’m going to tell you will change the way you will look at exercise forever.

We’ve all been told to get the results you want (fat loss for most), you have to starve yourself and workout until your tongue is dragging the floor.

Here’s what usually happens:

1. Get some inspiration to go to the gym and take control of your health.

2. Vow that this time it will be different.

3. Get a gym membership and/or personal trainer.

4. The first couple of workouts leave you sore

5. Exercise for a week or two…at most a month.

6. Start skipping workouts.

7. Quit altogether because you “don’t have enough time” or whatever lie you tell yourself.

8. Go back to Step 1.

What if I told you that you just need yourself?

Yes, a personal trainer is usually not needed.

Can your personal trainer take into account the changes in your stress level that day?

Of course not.

No more getting pushed to do more than you can because some meathead said you should.

You need to learn how to listen to your own body.

You can do this.

Thanks to biofeedback.

What is it?

Biofeedback is nothing more than taking the information your body is giving you and then using it to dictate/guide your training. This can be heart rate, range of motion, rating of perceived exertion (RPE), etc. Exercise either makes your movement either better or worse. The choice is yours. I want exercise to help you move better.

This gives you a way to see if that is true!

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Why train?

Posted by Demond Thompson on September 17, 2010

I think most people should be able to find some physical activity that they enjoy doing, and that’s the ticket to enjoying getting into shape.

Why do YOU train is the question you need to answer. Some of you may to find a reason to exercise.

I know you probably want to get into shape – but can’t bring yourself to workout because you “don’t like exercising”. Maybe you just really aren’t that physical and don’t like doing push ups or lifting weights. This isn’t about how physical activities like dancing, swimming, or rock climbing can help you get in amazing shape. Instead, it’s about how physical activities can help you enjoy going to the gym or working out at home!

Here’s why:
When you find a physical activity you really enjoy, if you weren’t someone physical beforehand – two things generally happen:

1. You get more used to being physical and more comfortable with exerting yourself, understanding your body etc.

2. You want to get better at the activity you’re doing.

BOTH of these things help contribute to wanting to workout outside of the activity you’re doing – even if you’re not able to do the activity that often. You won’t mind doing push ups, running, or lifting weights so much anymore because you’ll be used to using your body – and you’ll WANT to do it because you’ll see the results immediately in whatever your hobby is. And because you’ll see results quickly – you’ll start enjoying it.

So in short, if you’re not someone who enjoys working out, sprinting or running – find something you enjoy and you might find that the way you feel about working out might very well change.

What do you think? Am I right that having a physical activity can help people enjoy working out – or do you think there are better ways for people to start enjoying exercise? Let me know what you think!

Drop me a line and let me know!

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Posted by Demond Thompson on August 17, 2010

It’s Monday morning as I write this and I’m about to say something that I thought I’d never say again.

“I’m engaged.”

Let the festivities begin!

You’ll hear more about them as they occur. It’s only a day old.

I was a bit afraid of marriage having failed at it the last time (read: failed horribly).

I truly didn’t understand the sanctity of marriage the first time I got married. I didn’t have the commitment level I needed to make it work.

I have noticed that many people have the same problem. They need a level of commitment to themselves to grow and become that they want to become.

It’s that commitment to YOU that’s the most important.

Think about that when you look at starting an exercise regimen. It’s not the exercise program, or the diet or the lifestyle change you’re making. It’s all about the commitment to the exercise program or diet.

When you make that commitment, you will see some very interesting things begin to happen. You will begin to move toward your goals quicker than you can ever imagine.

Being committed and STAYING committed is the biggest need for achieving whatever you want in your life, no matter what it is.

PS: Love you, babe!

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