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Practice Being Imperfect

Posted by Demond Thompson on December 1, 2010

“Practice?  Come on, man, practice?  We’re talking about practice.”  –Allen Iverson

Despite what Mr. Iverson has to say, practice is important. 

We’ve all heard the old adage:  “Practice makes perfect.”

Of course there’s the one that even more driven people say as well:

“Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Interestingly enough both are correct.  Consider this:  we get better at whatever we practice.  For me, I practice nearly everyday putting my thoughts down into a word processor.  It’s much easier to do because I think pretty fast sometimes. 

Am I getting better at putting my thoughts down digitally?  Yep. 

What are you practicing?



How about healthy habits?

The only way you can become healthy is by practicing healthy habits.  Practice cooking healthy foods.  Practice a good exercise routine.  Practice making it a part of your daily life.

Will you make mistakes?  Of course you will.  That’s why it’s practice.  Practice enough and it’ll become perfect.  You’ll have the body you want and feel great.

If you’d like to practice learning to move and feel better, email me at renaissancefitnessky@gmail.com and see what we can do.

You will be able to help me practice becoming a better, stronger person too.


2 Responses to “Practice Being Imperfect”

  1. Nice post. How is your kettlebell class coming along? Any dietary tips for the holidays?

    • That will be a post for a later date. For now, remember to keep going to the gym (or wherever you workout). During the holidays, we tend to let everything go except the “obligations” to work parties. I’ll have a full post next week on this.

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